BET Africa celebrates Freedom weekend with Mrs Mandela and Ode to Mandela


Mrs Mandela: Saturday, 29 April at 20:00 on BET

Mrs Mandela is a cinematic exploration of the impossibilities of a normal loving marriage of Winnie Mandela (Sophie Okonedo) to her political activist husband, Nelson Mandela (David Harewood) who winds up sentenced to life imprisonment. His incarceration also marks the loss of what could have been the best years of their family life. This film explores how Winnie Mandela went from innocent country girl to a freedom fighter against apartheid, against impossible odds.


Ode to Mandela: Sunday, 30 April at 20:00 on BET

Ode to Mandela is a uniquely creative collaboration between a group of South African musicians working with composer Jonathan de Vries. Together they have created a sequence of songs each expressing a different phase in the life of Nelson Mandela. The songs are joined together by a spoken word artist, S’phamandla (Maraza) Mhlongo, who uses the tradition of the Imbongi.


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