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Become a member of SA Marriage Week today!


SA Marriage Week 2017 takes place from 1-7 September. By taking part in this initiative you can help spread the message of wholesome marriages and also receive freebees for your marriage!

This year the divorce statistics indicate that there are more divorces than ever before. Marriages are dying and people lose their trust in this institution. The result is that living together is apparently an uncomplicated alternative. Yet, research shows that the advantages of marriage are legion. A marriage that works is a strong unity and provides a heritage of a strong foundation for coming generations.

Register on and you will have access to a week long program from 1-7 September that will provide you with buckets full of inspiration for your marriage.

This program will be in you inbox every day with free hints, ideas for date-night, prayers and vouchers. This program is part of this year’s digital campaign with the motto: Do something and give something. During  the week you will receive a free wallpaper for your computer and cell phone as well as inspirational photos you can share (or just treat your spouse with) via Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

As a member of SA Marriage Week you will take part in our digital campaign that helps to spread the message that marriage is good, beautiful, fun and very enjoyable. The degree to which you participate depends on you.

In 2016 some of our eager SA Marriage Week members launched initiatives in their communities and churches to renew their vows at the INTIEM love bridge in Magnolia Dell. Members that are more private and wishes to share SA Marriage Week with their spouse are welcome to do so.

How ever you decide to celebrate marriages make sure you do not miss this opportunity to b part of SA Marriage Week. Your marriage matters. Register now on

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