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Be Careful: VW Golf 7 GTi was stripped in parking lot


This VW Golf 7 GTi was stripped right outside of a popular club in Klerksdorp on June 16 2017 while the owner was inside enjoying his evening at the venue.

When the owner came back to his car, this is what he found. Criminals had stripped and stolen the whole front end, stealing the headlights, badge, and front bumper.

Please beware! Be very careful where you park your car, especially if it is a VW of any kind.

Safe Parking Tips

  1. Always park in a well-lit area: Many kidnappings and robberies have occurred when someone is getting into their car in an area that is not well lit. Whether you are a man or a woman, it is a good idea to always park in an area where there is lots of lighting, or at least a street light or two. If you do have to park in an unlit area, find someone, such as a security guard or a police officer, to accompany you to your car and make sure that you leave the area safely. You may feel like you are being paranoid, but it is a lot better to do this and be safe rather than risk being attacked in the dark near your car.
  2. Use your remote: If you are going to your vehicle, and the area you parked in is dark and lonely, instead of waiting until you get to your car to get the doors open and the engine started, use your remote starter. This will do a few things for you. It will provide light so you can see your way to the vehicle, and if there is someone waiting, it may just be the thing to scare them off and you avoid being attacked. Remember to have your keys in your hand at all times, too, because if someone does try to attack you as you are getting into your car, they can make a really great weapon.
  3. Try to park in safe neighbourhoods: You may just be asking for trouble if you park your vehicle in areas that are not considered safe, especially if you park your vehicle there overnight. There are so many things that could happen, from having your vehicle stolen to arson and more, and it may not even be safe for you to walk to your vehicle. Instead, find a place that is near your home, and well lit.
  4. Park as near the stores as possible: The further away from a building you park, the more you are taking a risk of something happening to you or your car. Unless it is a holiday season when all of the far spaces are filled, too, chances are that these spaces are going to be empty. This means that when you come out to get back in your car, you will probably be all alone. If you have an armload of packages, you may or may not be able to defend yourself in case of an attack. Even if you have to drive around the mall a few times, try to find the closest space possible, especially if you are there at night. If you are using a parking garage, if at all possible, try to park close to the security area or the doors.
  5. Look inside the car before getting in: There is an old urban legend about a woman who drove for miles not knowing that she had a killer hiding in the back seat of her car. Okay, this is an urban legend, but things like this can happen, so it is really a good idea if you just take a look inside the windows before actually getting inside your vehicle to make sure that there is no one inside. If you see something unusual, don’t even open the door. Scream as loud as you can and start running away.
  6. Always have your cell phone: When you park in a dark area and are walking to your vehicle, have your cell phone out and ready to go. You may have to call 10111 quickly if you see someone lurking near your car. Then, you should start running as fast as you can, preferably back to the store or the nearest place that is open and safe.

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