The Beat of Africa will be the product of country and continent-wide sharing, collaboration and a common love of African-inspired music.

Ballantine’s wants you to help discover the Stay True song of a nation, the everyday sounds and rhythms that make South Africa the place it is. The sound of a continent, born in the streets of a country. You decide what the #BeatOfAfrica is.

Ballantine’s Beat of Africa will be a six-month campaign across five countries – South Africa, Angola, Cameroon, Zambia and Mozambique with local ambassadors at the helm for each.

The campaign begins with your submissions. Everyone is encouraged to share the sounds, rhythms, and beats that they feel defines our nation and makes it home. Every submission stands a chance to win an all-expenses-paid, VIP trip for two to the Beat of Africa album launch party in Johannesburg, later this year.

“When we are in studio, we don’t like to rush things – we take our time. We are not intimidated by the next big thing or act, we stay true to ourselves and we stay true to our music,” says Black Motion.

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