Avoiding And Getting Around Injuries


It always seems to happen to those who love exercise – an injury that stops you from doing what you love, and that’s where you leave it. The truth is that most injuries are not severe enough to prevent you from exercise, it could only keep you from doing specific types of exercise.

Once you have found the cause of your injury, it is possible to tailor your exercise program or lifestyle to maintain your fitness and stay as healthy as possible. If your injury is sport specific then the answer is right in front of you, instead of seeing it as a wall you can’t get through, just go around the wall.

Cyclists or runners and even tennis players might be at risk of getting injured. These fitness lovers are so drawn to their specific ‘health drug’ (be it running or mountain biking) that it is all that they do. They do their sport so much that it begins to damage their body, sport specific muscles get too strong while other muscles fall behind, this causes an imbalance and subsequently leads to injury.

How to prevent the injury

The best way to prevent it is to perform what is referred to as “prehab” or preventative rehabilitation as well as variety and balance. There must be both overload periods and recovery periods worked into an exercise programme, where the load is increased and decreased to help maintain both performance and ensuring adequate recovery. High impact sports such as running should also be accompanied by a low impact sport like swimming. Cycling, which has a tendency of making muscles less supple, can be accompanied by yoga or pilates. To compliment exercise types is one of the greatest ways of ensuring balance. Balance mixed with prehab will negate preventable injuries and keep you on the proverbial horse for longer periods and thus maintain your fitness and a healthy lifestyle that injury might rob you of.

What if I am already injured?

If you are already injured, similar rules apply. Make sure that you don’t stop training, just alter your program accordingly.

The most important factor is that giving up is not an option. Consult your doctor and if the doctor says you can do other exercise types then go ahead and do everything you can, condition your body into being able to stay fit while recovering from an injury setback. If you are busy with a treatment program, make sure the exercise is not going to hamper the treatment in any way.

Is exercise really a good idea when I am injured?

The answer is yes, depending on your injury. If you are cleared by your doctor, there is no reason why you can’t start as soon as possible and keep fit. In many instances, exercise will help your recovery.


Here are the steps to keep going for as long as possible:

  1. Get a professionally designed program.
  2. Do your ‘prehab’ and post-exercise exercises religiously.
  3. Recover properly, the difference between a professional athlete and a non-professional athlete is in the recovery.
  4. Make sure to include a variety of exercise in your program and do exercise types that complement each other.
  5. Don’t be afraid to rest when you are not feeling up to it, often when you are tired and not focused injuries happens.

Entirely preventing injuries is not possible, but keeping yourself on the go for much longer periods and recovering faster from injuries is. If you are injured, make sure you get your doctor’s permission to exercise and don’t look back, you might find a new love for an exercise type that you previously never knew existed.

Originally Appeared in Clover Lifestyle

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