Atandwa Kani on The Hostess


Becoming a successful actor in this day and age has proven to be extraordinarily challenging at the best of times, yet South African actor Atandwa Kani is flying the flag high as he joined the cast of Marvel’s new The Black Panther movie. Such an achievement cannot be overlooked so Atandwa thought it suitable to celebrate his role with a party.
What could be more appropriate than a rooftop superhero themed celebration so Atandwa called on The Hostess and her assistant “SuperBluebird” for assistance.

Encountering Atandwa proved to be too much for Thabo to handle so he made it his mission to win Atandwa over with the only way he knew how, a superhero shopping spree. Meanwhile Lorna planned a crazy American style menu for the occasion, in preparation to Atandwa’s big move to the America.

In the end of the day the party was a super success with all Atandwa’s friends embracing the theme in their appropriate superhero attire. Regardless of Deadpool ending up on the floor, it was a party fit for South Africa’s new star and something he can take with him when he embarks on his new adventure.

Catch The Hostess with Lorna Maseko Tuesdays at 20:30.

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