Another Woman Claims R. Kelly Allegedly Tried To Recruit Her to his Sex Cult


Woman who met R. Kelly backstage when she was 20 tells how she managed to escape the R&B star’s ‘sex cult’ after he ‘guilted her into posing for nude photographs and tried to get her to live with him in California’

  • The young woman claims she met Kelly last December after one of his shows 
  • She said a member of the star’s group picked her out of the crowd at a concert 
  • The unnamed woman – then 20 years old – then got a pass to meet him backstage
  • She says they spoke for a time after, and she would visited Kelly’s Georgia home
  • The singer allegedly ‘guilted’ her into posing for nude photos during the visits
  • The unidentified woman said Kelly also gave her money to buy clothes he liked
  • Earlier, Joycelyn Savage denied claims she was living in a ‘sex cult’ with Kelly
  • 21-year-old’s family fears she is being held against her will by the famous singer 
  • Timothy, Joycelyn’s father, claimed she was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome
  • She was 17 when she met Kelly after being invited backstage at a concert
  • Shortly after their meeting, she dropped out of college and went to live with him
  • Three women who used to live with her in one of the singer’s houses claimed last week the famous star is operating a cult-like house for young women
  • Kelly, who has faced child pornography charges in the past, denies the claims 

Kelly, 50, was rumored to have been dating 19-year-old model Halle Calhoun. She has deleted her Instagram page since posting this photograph with the star in August last year


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