Anele’s Post Angers “Some” Christians.


In a week where social networks have been abuzz following the Sunday church incident that prompted gay Reality TV judge and Radio Presenter, Somizi to walk out of Grace Bible Church, one of the most outspoken celebrities decided to add her voice on the issue.

On her Facebook page, Anele Mdoda posted the following:

Many of her followers were not impressed by the post and they took it as an insult to their holy book and below are some of the comments:

Richard Matavire well then if you want to insult our bible and our God why then do you need a place in our churches.why do the LGBT community want to fit in church ,i have never seen LGBT rights enforced in Muslims ,Hindus or any other religion.Anele Mdoda you might support the LGBT community but you are insulting us as Christians you could have found a better way of expressing yourself.

Duduh Lungelo Ngubane Anele this is unlike you. Im also against people who judge Homosexual people but never will I insult a bible like this.
Precious Mathenjwa If we going to make fun of the bible maybe we should also consider that Christianity is not the only religion against homosexuals..
Ezra Nonjobe u r being blesphemous anele mdoda. and u cnt jst call my King “a guy”!!
Refiloe Wa Batubatse Mankge LOL I’ve never seen so many “Christians” offended on one post,exactly what is offending you here?
Sinqobile Precious Mbombi There goes my respect for you…sies man!

But some  people came to her defence:

Babalwa Sigonya Why are all these people here offended and claiming the bible is being insulted. Is there something that IS NOT TRUE in this post?
Palesa Precious Maloisane Olifant The problem with black ppl is that you never want to learn. The bible has made you so stereotyped that you can even think for yourselves.
Lerato Mothibz Am sure those who are offended have no higher learning education. So the concept of critical thinking is foreign to them.
C’matic Qongqo What Anele wrote is from the book itself…If you find her post offensive than I guess the book is to blame #Captured_Minds

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