Mzansi cool artist of the week: Anatii | A Mzansitunes Series


Anatii: Born in the small town of Bisho in the Eastern Cape, it was clear early on that Anatii’s songwriting skills were those of a 21st century prodigy whose musical creations were borderless in appeal. Growing up as part of South Africa’s “Born Free” generation was integral in shaping the sound that would come to define the artist.

As South Africa became a melting pot of culture, like many young people, Anatii became exposed to and influenced by an array of musical styles, leaving him spoilt for choice when deriving inspiration for a new sound that would fuse international standards with an indigenous African resonance.

At the age of 16, he managed to take this new sound from his home studio in Johannesburg to the top of Urban music charts by producing and writing the 2009/10 smash hit ‘’When It Rains’’ for popular hip-hop artist L-Tido. Though this was Anatii’s first hit, two South African musical icons had already spotted his potential.

Anatii’s producing abilities and songwriting skills were commissioned by legendary Grammy Award-winning composer Lebo M on four songs produced for the 2009 Coca-Cola ‘’Summer Yama Summahh’’ compilation album and in 2009, at the tender age of 16, was granted the opportunity by the co-producer of the Lion King, to co-produce one of the title tracks used during the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup opening ceremony


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    Mzansi cool artist of the week: Anatii | A Mzansitunes Series – Mzansitunes

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