AKA’s Caiphus Song is now live on YouTube


AKA’s Caiphus Song video debuted on Trace Urban and Trace Africa to widespread positive social media commentary. Listeners and media took to Twitter to express their sentiments about the video, making #CaiphusSongVid a trending topic in South Africa.

The song is in honour of the South African composer and musician, Caiphus Semenya.“I’m not here to inspire artists. I’m here to inspire people, regular people. I want them to be patriotic. Patriotic in their love and appreciation for the sound of South Africa that we are trying to create and not ‘Metro Boomin’ knock offs. I want people to see the difference between artists who are more worried about the label of the clothes on their backs than the flows on their tracks, and artists like myself. I want people to appreciate their own stories and aesthetic, like this video. I want people to feel connected.”

Taking an Our Perfect Wedding (OPW) approach to the video, AKA’s Caiphus Song video was shot at a Johannesburg wedding venue and features elements of a wedding. Viewers can also see, for the first time ever, AKA showing acting skills in a skit embedded in the video.


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