A New Dry Skin Solution for the Entire Body


LAMELLE LAUNCHES SERRA BODY LOTION: A New Dry Skin Solution for the Entire Body

Lamelle’s Serra skincare range – the first product that mimics the structure and function of the natural lipid bilayer of the skin – has introduced a new product in time for winter. A 250ml Soothing Body Lotion that significantly improves and repairs dry and sensitive skin.

Our skin protects us from the harsh environment and a functional skin barrier is necessary to prevent unwanted environmental elements from penetrating and causing damage to the body. Another important function of the barrier is to trap water in the skin; adequate water levels are essential for normal skin and body functioning. For those who suffer from excessively dry skin – which is often accompanied by sensitivity, redness, flaking, premature aging, itching, general discomfort and even painful cracked and bleeding skin – finding relief becomes the difference between a frustrated existence and quality of life.

An adequate skin barrier is made from multiple layers of cells trapped in special oil-rich [lipid] layers. These lipid layers are made by cells in the skin. If disrupted or deficient, excess water escapes from the skin causing dryness and tight, itching, rough skin. When the skin barrier is badly deficient, external environmental substances can penetrate the skin, leading to what is commonly referred to as skin sensitivity. Atopic Dermatitis, which refers to a total failure of the epidermal barrier, is the primary trigger that results in dryness and overall sensitivity. If dealt with, the problem of dryness and associated concerns can be eliminated.

Like the rest of the Serra range, the new body lotion includes Lamelle’s novel patented lipid replacement therapy which is responsible for maintaining a healthy epidermis. Where regular moisturisers create a layer of moisture on the surface of your skin, Serra actually recreates the human skin barrier – essentially replacing what is missing and eliminating the root cause of dry skin.

Not simply a temporary “band aid” to a dry skin problem that still remains after you have washed off your regular moisturiser, Serra causes a change in the skin’s behaviour. Recognised as a skincare range that enables the skin to truly repair by duplicating and replicating the skin’s own natural behaviour, the body lotion should be applied twice daily after showering and patting skin dry.

The new Serra Soothing Body Lotion will be available nationwide in July from accredited Lamelle skincare suppliers and aesthetic doctors for R225. For further information, visit or find us on Facebook: Lamelle Research Laboratories.

Other products in the Serra range include:

  • Serra Cleansing Gel – 150ml
  • Serra Restore Cream – 50ml
  • Serra Soothing Cream – 50ml
  • Serra Lipid Recovery Mask – 70ml

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