A Chat With Dr Feel, an underrated hip hop producer.


We caught up with one of the most underrated Pretoria based producers and DJs, Felix Nkosi aka Dr Feel.  He has produced for iFani and Rashid Kay. He has done quite a notable number of collaborations. His mixes have been featured on SA major radio stations. We get to know more about the hardworking DJ……….

Zagossip.co.za : So who is Dr Feel?
Dr. Feel is a versatility of some kind. He delves as a Music Producer, a Beat Maker and a Dj. I hate being put in a box or labeled hence I create a wide range of sounds ranging from Hip-hop, House, EDM, Afro e.t.c . The same genres apply to my Djing set as well as I find myself playing Hiphop, House be it commercial or deep.

Zagossip.co.za: What Inspired you to do what you do?

So many things inspired me to do music but the main one was poverty. Growing up having nothing, watching my parents struggle to put food on the table fueled me to wanting a better life for them and myself. Also the LOVE of music propelled me into doing music. If you love doing what you do, you will find yourself pushing through all odds and it is the same drive that has been guarding me through all these years.

Zagossip.co.za: Who would you say was your favourite artist to work with? 

I have quite a list of artists whom I enjoyed working with but Ifani Haymani tops the list. The way he welcomed me and treated me as an upcoming music producer was nothing but humbling. Also watching him record the song February in just a few minutes was so amazing. I will always remember that experience.

Zagossip.co.za: Hip Hop and Daily struggles, how do you do it?

I get through everyday struggles by

  1. Believing in myself even when no one else does.
  2. Prayer, it is essential and it changes things
  3. My vision is so clear nothing can blur it out
  4. I do things that gets me motivated
  5. I am fearless
  6. I am always grinding
  7. I stay focused despite any setbacks
  8. I remain inspired by the music
  9. I surround myself with people who are hungry to win.

Zagossip.co.za: What would you trade for Music?

There is nothing I can trade music with. It’s all and everything to me.

Zagossip.co.za: Tell us about your current projects

This summer I am going H.A.A.M, I am bringing nothing but fireworks. So much music I’m dropping this summer, I am doing things I’ve never done before. I have major artists’ collaborations which I won’t discuss at this present moment. But expect more music with so many features from Zhane; a super talented Eastern Cape female artist, Earl Kay a Maftown born rapper, Slang G from Mpumalanga, Frenzy a dope Nigerian afro artist, Pinto Fresh a Cameroonian musician, Bencruis from Equatorial Guinea , Frenchise Twins, Nigerian musicians as well Djs and whole lot more unconfirmed collaborations.


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