5 Danger Foods: What to Avoid & How


Whether you consume too much sodium or keep an eye on your kilojoule intake, there are various foods that you often keep in your fridge or pantry that, unbeknownst to you, are considered danger foods. Here is a list of five danger foods that you have to keep an eye on when shopping for your family’s food to make sure you maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

 Danger Food #1: Sugary Drinks (soft drinks, sweetened tea, fruit flavoured punch and sports or energy drinks)

These drinks all contain very little to no nutrients and contribute to unnecessary kilojoules. As an alternative, you can replace these drinks with water, black tea, green tea, low-fat milk, like Clover Great Taste No Fat, since these alternatives contain fewer kilojoules, and contain other essential nutrients.

 Danger Food #2: White Rice

White rice does not contain all the nutrients found in brown rice. You can replace white rice with brown rice, whole wheat and even barley. Mixing brown and white rice will give you an opportunity to combine flavours while still getting the nutrients your family requires.

 Danger Food #3: Deep Fried Foods

The oil in fried foods often interfere with essential oils and can also contribute to higher cholesterol. Keep in mind that even though the packaging might read “low-fat” or “trans-fat free”, that it might still contain plenty of fat. You can replace deep-fried foods, such as chips with unprocessed potatoes that will provide you with all the nutrients with much less fat.

 Danger Food #4: Processed Lunch Meats (Sausage, hot dogs, deli cold cuts, bacon, and ham)

Processed meats are generally high in sodium and salt or sugar because of the preservation process. High amounts of sodium are associated with high blood pressure. You can replace processed meat with sliced turkey, chicken or roast beef or you can source processed meat options that are low in nitrates and sodium.

 Danger Food #5: White Refined Flour

Refined flour and certain store-bought kinds of pasta had most of their nutrients removed during the production process. For this reason, it is advised to keep to whole grain food products. Whole grain contains more fibre so don’t be fooled by the colour of food, rather look for products specifically labelled as whole grain.

If you ensure that you limit or avoid these danger foods, you are already well on your way to a balanced diet. To avoid temptation, don’t keep the foods you don’t want to eat in your fridge or pantry.

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