4 African music shows to watch


Catch the best African music shows, which celebrate the vast culture and diversity of Africa on Beatlab, channel 500 only on OpenView HD

Without a doubt, African music has always been making waves on the dance floors around the world.

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen African artists such as Whizkid, Davido, Black Coffee, Yemi Aledo and many more share the spotlight with international acts.

So, here are our 4 music shows that celebrate African music.

1. Beatzone
The show is a display of best of the best musicals, exhibitions of creativity and the current hottest videos.

On eNolly+, Thursdays at 7:30PM.

On Beatlab, Fridays at 8PM.

2. Boombox 

Featuring the best and latest hits from across Africa, Boombox brings you 100% African Music and 100% African Videos.

On Beatlab, Fridays at 7:30PM

3. Upbeat

Viewers get to watch hit music videos and live performances of the best African musicians.

On Beatlab, Thursdays at 8:30PM

On eNolly+ on Mondays at 7:30PM

4. Afro Musica

A music video show that showcases Africa’s most popular music videos, bands and musicians.

On eNolly+, weekdays at 7PM

On Beatlab, weekday at 7:30PM

Be sure not to miss these shows, they are bound to keep you dancing.

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