Entries for the 2018 Liberty Radio Awards are open


Radio professionals and production companies are officially able to register for the 2018 Liberty Radio Awards, which will be presented at a Gala Banquet at the Sandton Convention Centre on Saturday, 14 April 2018. Online entries are now open until Wednesday, 31 January 2018.

The Liberty Radio Awards promote, acknowledge, and reward excellence in the radio industry, with the aim of ensuring that the standard is continuously raised, which ultimately benefits listeners.

Lance Rothschild, CEO of the Liberty Radio Awards, says, “The 2018 programme will determine the best of the best in several categories, including Best Breakfast Show PresenterBest Breakfast Show, Best Afternoon DriveBest Afternoon Show presenterBest business and finance Show, and much more.”

Rothschild adds, “In recognition of the proliferation of digital delivery platforms, we have added two new categories – Best Internet Radio Programme and Best Podcast. We have also combined the PBS and Commercial sectors into one Commercial Radio category, which we believe will lead to even higher standards across the entire industry, with the listener being the ultimate benefactor.”

“This year, Liberty celebrates 60 years of working tirelessly to making a difference in South Africans’ lives,” says Thembeka Saleshando, divisional director for brand and marketing at Liberty Group. “Knowledge and innovation are important to us and part of what we do.”

Saleshando adds, “Supporting the Liberty Radio Awards is an extension of these principles. The media are an integral part of society and play such a pivotal role in empowering communities. Just as Libertyuses its knowledge and expertise to assist clients in achieving financial freedom, the media assists in shaping and strengthening the democracy we live in.”

With radio reaching and influencing such a vast proportion of our population, through this sponsorship, Liberty aims to support and promote the radio industry and to reward and acknowledge excellence. It also aims to provide listeners with increased access to knowledge and an understanding of a range of issues.

“I urge all role players in the radio industry to participate in the Awards. Radio audiences across the country and beyond are encouraged to vote for their favourite radio category winners,” says Saleshando.

Entries for the 2018 Liberty Radio Awards may only be made via the revised online entry system. Edits and changes are permitted up to the deadline on Wednesday, 31 January 2018 at 18:00. Each time a registered entrant logs in, a dashboard will show the status of the participant’s entries.

Saleshando concludes, “We eagerly await the entries, and look forward to celebrating the Liberty Radio Awards’ winners in April next year.”

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