Since its inception in 2005, Rage Festival has grown from 500 attendees to now hosting over 30 000 students celebrating the end of an era, making Rage one of SA’s safest, most progressive and premium music festivals.

Passports went on sale yesterday and Early Birds sold out within five minutes of being released, with 60% of all passport types sold in record time – making this year’s festival even more in-demand than the 2016 event.

This year the festival has introduced three new passport types: Rage Red, Rage Blue and Rage Lite, catering to students who are looking for a more tailored and niche festival experience, and as opposed to attending every party. The new Passports cater for those who are also looking for a weekend escape as opposed to a full week of activities, and this year travel safety is of top priority.

All Rage Passports are not for sale to persons under the age of 18, and will ensure that students are able to go between their desired destinations seamlessly and safely.

This year also marks the launch of an innovative Rage Festival Ambassador Program, which will afford students who see themselves as influential and trendy among their peers the opportunity to become Ragents and official brand ambassadors. Previous Ragents have gone on to work at the festival after their studies – some of which are now a part of the core organisational team.


2017 is set to be bigger and better, with an even more outstanding production and line up than 2016’s offering, featuring some of the world’s best international DJs and a few of South Africa’s top performing artists.


Students are gearing up for the experience of a lifetime, as Rage Festival returns to Durban from 2-9 December 2017.




Rage Black Passport

The ultimate, exclusive, super desirable, VVIP Rage Festival experience. Private VVIP lounges with bars, welcome drinks, private VVIP bathrooms and a guaranteed straight to the front, no fuss experience at every Rage venue entrance. Rage Black also includes free access to the Rage day parties and the Rage Secret Gig. Rage Black is the ultimate status symbol and with only 750 for sale, your chance to be Rage Black is extremely limited! (Rage Black is ideal in Umhlanga, Durban or Ballito).


Rage Platinum Passport

Rage Platinum is all about quick access, VIP treatment and ensuring an easy passage to every Rage event of your choice. Whilst others queue and wait for entry into Rage Clubs, Rage Platinum holders wave their armband and head right on in! Rage Platinum also offers VIP treatment at the 4 mega Sound Factory events with a raised viewing lounge area and private bar as well as free access to the Rage day parties! With just 3000 for sale, Rage Platinum sells out annually. Don’t miss yours! (Rage Platinum is ideal in Umhlanga, Durban or Ballito).


Rage Red Passport

Rage Red is all about ensuring you get to party at every Rage Festival event. With Rage Red you get access to all 4 Sound Factory events and as many of the 25 Rage Club events as you can manage. Rage Red also enjoys discounted entry into the Rage day parties. From dawn till dawn, Rage Red has you covered. (Rage Red is ideal for Ragers staying in Umhlanga or Durban and for Ragers who missed out on or prefer not to pay the premium for Black or Platinum Passports).


Rage Blue Passport

Rage Blue is all about ensuring you get to enjoy most of what Rage Festival offers without having to commit to the cost of all 4 Sound Factory events. With Rage Blue you get access to any 2 Sound Factory events of your choice and as many of the 25 Rage Club events as you can manage. Rage Blue also enjoys discounted entry into the Rage day parties. From dawn till dawn, Rage Blue has you covered. (Rage Blue is ideal for Ragers staying in Ballito who will do most of their partying at the Ballito Clubs and day parties).


Rage Lite Passport

Rage Lite is all about “Raging Lite”…  If you can only make Rage Festival for 3 or 4 days or if you simply aren’t someone who can smash it all week long then Rage Lite is ideal for you.  A fuss free Rage Passport offering you 2 of the mega Sound Factory events of your choice plus any 2 Rage Club parties of your choice.  A nice, easy taste of Rage Festival. (Rage Lite is ideal in Umhlanga, Durban or Ballito however is not recommended for anyone spending more than 3 nights at Rage Festival).



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