10 things Black South Africans need to stop saying to Tsonga People


Written by Shitshembiso Mabasa

Dear vanhu vantima va tiko ra Jacob Zuma, if you can stop saying the the following to Vatsonga, then hi ta kumana;

#1 “YOU DON’T LOOK TSONGA” – Mxm! You can’t be an adult and still believe ku there are no good looking and light skin Tsonga people. Go be broken le kule. Don’t drag us in your self-hate.

#2 “N’WANA MHANE” – that is not our default name, you don’t know us like that, stop it. And you sure treat us like vana va nala (enemy), when unemployment gets too much for you.


 #4 “ISN’T MALAMULELE IN GIYANI?” – Xikwembu hi lamuleli. We don’t all come from Giyani. Yeses.

#5 “IGIYANI ISESOUTH AFRICA?” – Hosi kasi hi dyohe yini? Google it, while at it, ask Google why Xitsonga is an official language of the Republic of South Africa.

#6 “O NTLELE DI BANANA LE DI MANGO” – First know where our home is pointing, and learn our language, stop using us for free fruits and African Viagra.

#7 “IS IT TRUE TSONGA MEN HAVE BIG DICKS / A TREE” – Sies maan! Ladies, respect us. We don’t have to explain this, ma nga tikhoma vumuhu and let us hit without asking us stupid questions. Gents, stop being obsessed with the size of our manhood, swo yini kasi?

#8 “BRA YAM YESHANGAANE” – Really? That is the same as a white person labeling you as their “Black” friend. Keep your friendship swine.

#9 “MACHANGANI PIYOPIYO” – I ta vula mhana wena sweswo.

#10 “EVERYONE GETS CALLED NAMES” – Yes, but not everyone is reduced to animals, ugly, dumb, and foreign in their own country by their race. We will not get over it because everyone else gets names, when we get murdered, set on fire and chased during xenophobic attacks.

N’whe Vatsonga mi nga pfumeli va hi nyefula, Vutsonga i Vukosi, a va losi!


Source: VIVMAG.co.za


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