10 reasons to use the My Vodacom App to optimise your data


The My Vodacom App is one of the easiest ways to optimise your data usage. You can keep track of what you’ve used, how much you have left, and top up your all-important data bundles. Here are our top 10 reasons why you should download it today!

With the My Vodacom App, you can update your profile, keep track of your bill to date, and even check your upgrade date – but did you know it’s also one of the easiest ways to keep track of your data usage? Here’s how.

1. It’s simple to use

All you need to do to find out what your balances are and how much of your voice, SMS and data bundles remain is open the App. That’s it. The info is displayed right there on the home screen.

2. It’s FREE to use

Once you’ve downloaded the App from the Apple iStore or the Google Play store, you can use the app for FREE. This means you will not be charged to view your balance or use any of the other great features.

3. You can access the info you need right from your home screen

When you download the My Vodacom App, you’ll automatically also receive the My Vodacom App widget. You can load it right to your home screen, just like you would with a weather app or Facebook, move it to a convenient spot and tap away.

4. Buying bundles is a snap

So you’ve realised your data bundle is nearly finished? Never fear – it’s so easy to buy another data bundle on the App. Just click on the + sign on your home screen, or click on the hamburger menu (that’s the three little lines in the top right corner).

5. There are so many ways to pay

Want to top up with your airtime? No problem. Credit card? Sure. Debit card? Absolutely. It’s all designed for your maximum convenience. If you’re a contract customer, you can add the cost of data bundles directly to your monthly bill. If you’re prepaid or have a top-up contract, you can either deduct the cost of data bundles from your airtime, or pay with your credit or debit card.

6. You can Play Every Day and WIN free data!

When you access the App, you’ll be given the option to Play Every Day. That means instead of buying data, you could win a bundle for FREE! Because the only thing better than a great-value data bundle is a free one.

7. Meg Your Day to access your favourite social sites for FREE

Opening the My Vodacom App is also your gateway to Meg Your Day. That means on every day of the week, you’re able to access selected sites for free if you have a positive balance. Surfing Facebook, Instagram or YouTube for niks, nada, nothing? Yes, please. Read all the details here.

8. You can Double Your Data

When you buy selected monthly bundles on the App, you get Double the Data that you have paid for. That means, for example, if you have identified a 1GB data bundle to be a double data monthly bundle and you buy that bundle, we’ll give your another 1GB on top of the data bundle you bought to use within 30 days. Go to the Vodacom website to see which bundles qualify for this awesome offer – it’s exclusive to the My Vodacom App.

9. You can check out personalised offers created Just 4 You

On your App’s home screen, you can tap on Just 4 You to see which offers we’ve picked that have been tailor -made Just 4 You.

10. You can see instantly how much data you have left

Don’t pay out of bundle rates – go to the My Vodacom App daily to check that you aren’t running out of data in your bundle. It only takes a second, and it could save you valuable money in the long run.

Get the latest version of the My Vodacom App

Make sure your version of the app is up to date so that you can access all the special deals mentioned above. Go to the Vodacom website to download the My Vodacom App today!

 Source: VodacomBlog


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